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Remolding Solution (Poly-Insaturated Phosphatidil Choline )

Phosphatidilcholine is a phosphoglyceryde (phospholipid derived from Glycerol) mostly found in cell membrane of higher organisms.

Elicits mobilizing lipotropic action, increasing adipocyte membrane fluidity or permeability, promoting lipidic component removal .

Phosphotidilcholine primary acts promoting fatty acid transport, enhancing solubility and takes part in the structural elements formation mainly in intercellular membrane

Powerful emulsive turning solid fat deposit (adipocyte) into a fine oily-aquaous slight dense dispersion easier to be metabolized, transported and removed.

Body localized obesity (lipodystrophy grade I and II), Hydrolipoplasia, lipoplasia, (pre- and -postreatment) or cellulitis accompanied with localized obesity