• Who are our products aimed at?
    Dermclar brand products are aimed at professionals working in the aesthetic and cosmetic medicine sector to help people who wish to improve their physical appearance. Dermclar products have been designed to aid in weight-loss treatments, to improve the appearance and tone of the skin, to eliminate skin spots and stretch marks, among other.
  • Who uses our products?
    Our Professional lines and Virtual Mesotherapy lines are aimed at doctors and professionals working in clinics and beauty salons. Dermclar provides guidance in the form of standard procedure protocols.
    Our Personal Use line is aimed at beauty salons and spas who wish provide extra support to the patient during and after treatment.
  • What needs do we cover?
    Spain is a world leader in the manufacture of products used in professional and virtual mesotherapy treatments. Dermclar with the support of the distributors, aim to be present in every country where there are professionals interested in working with the best products and active ingredients, according to the results of the latest research and global trends, under the strictest sanitary controls.
  • What regulations do our products comply with?
    Across all its lines, Dermclar, meets health standards in both Spain and in Europe according to the Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP), the most notable being the following: ISO 9001 and the European Cosmetic Products Regulation No. 1223-1209, which ensures product safety and prohibits animal testing.
    Moreover, we have exporting to the five continents for more than 10 years, where we are able to meet the requirements requested for approval by the respective Food and Drugs Administration of each country.
  • To which parts of the body are our products applied?
    To learn more about our products, please take a look at the Products section.
  • Where can I buy the products?
    Dermclar’s network of international distributors gives you the opportunity to buy its products in every country in which it is present. We have an extensive distributor network in order to offer the best services in each country.
  • The global 
scientific skincare
    The global
    scientific skincare
  • We design, innovate 
and manufacture 
cosmetic products
    We design, innovate
    and manufacture
    cosmetic products
  • Areas of application
    Discover the most suitable products for each area of application according to the patient and the objectives to achieve, from filling fine wrinkles to firming large areas.

  • Dermclar academy
    A space in which professionals in the aesthetic and cosmetic medicine sector can learn all the secrets for optimum scientific care of the skin

Dermclar offers the most innovative and effective solutions for the treatment and care of the skin. Its commitment to research and innovation makes it an international benchmark brand.
What's new
  • Aesthetic Solution of Ampelopsin 1%
    Aesthetic Solution of Ampelopsin 1%
    At Dermclar we are continuously researching and innovating to offer the best aesthetics solutions and products, introducing Ampelopsin aesthetic solution 1%
    Ampelopsin is an active ingredient that comes from the Myrica Cerifera plant by extracting and purifying its plant extract. Ampelopsin is a natural ingredient that has three fundamental actions in adipocyte metabolism.

  • What is Collagen Induction Therapy?
    What is Collagen Induction Therapy?
    It is a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation and revitalisation cosmetic procedure that aims to induce and regenerate dermal collagen. Use of the dermapen or dermaroller, devices with micro-needles that create tiny perforations on the skin, causes a wound healing response that stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin.
  • New Developments
    New Developments
    What is a dermaroller? It is a small roller composed of 9 rings carved with 60 surgical steel needles (540 […]
  • ISO 22716 - GMP
    ISO 22716 - GMP
    In our commitment to continuous improvement in quality management, Dermclar (Factor Estetic, S.L.) has managed, through Bureau Veritas, ISO 22716 certification for the activities of Production, Storage and Distribution of cosmetic products. [...]
  • News
    After the summer your skin needs some extra care. Exposure to the sun leads to the appearance of the signs […]
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Become a Dermclar distributor
Become a Dermclar distributor
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