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The use of these products is reserved for aesthetic and medical professionals.


Specially formulated for the treatment of absence and loss of hair caused by genetic factors, hormonal changes, stress or malnutrition (diets). For men and women. No hormone precursors.

Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, organic silicon, troxerutin, X-DNA, trace elements.

Areas of Application

Scalp, beard, chest or other hairless areas.


- It stimulates hair growth, increasing and improving its density.
- Reduces the fragility of hair follicles and capillary blood vessels that nourish the follicle.
- Rebalances the scalp, stimulating hair growth and harmonizing the production of sebum and sweat.
- Provides natural shine, elasticity and softness to the hair.
- Strengthens hair texture and quality.
- Reduces hair loss.

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