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Neuroactive depigmenting agent. Helps reduce persistent skin pigmentation and prevents the appearance of new spots all over the body. It normalizes and improves the pigmentation both of melanic origin and that produced by the passage of time (stress oxidative), with an antioxidant capacity that helps to recover the luminosity and smoothness of the skin.

Active Ingredients

Glutathione, vitamin C, glycolic acid, alpha arbutin, kojic acid and Neurolight.

The use of these products is reserved for aesthetic and medical professionals.

Areas of Application

Face, neck, cleavage and hands.


- Reduces blemishes caused by acne, scars and the blemishes caused by the aging process.
- Moisturizes and refreshes the skin, promoting cell regeneration.
- Achieves a soft non-visible exfoliation of the skin, reduces pore size and regulates the secretion of cutaneous fat.
- Acts by reducing photo-aging (fine lines).

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