Filler Derm Line

Filler Derm Line

Redefinition and volumen without needle
Derm Filler is an innovative cosmetic line made under the concept of “injection like” created and presented by Factor Estètic, SL, a leading cosmetic biotechnology.

This non-invasive and natural method is applied through the skin to volumize certain areas and redefine facial and body areas by providing a volumizing effect.

FillerBust: increases, firms up and tones the bust.

FillerBust presents a new bio-technical and natural gel that brings together different active ingredients which provide a more voluminous, smooth, firm and soft bust, while at the same time improving the look of the cleavage, which due to photo aging cause the appearance of intermammary wrinkle, so hard to get rid of.

Benefits in the bust area: Volumising effect, firming and hydrating.

Filler Up: natural volume and firmness.

FillerUp is an excellent cosmetic option for a harmonious and discreet increase in volume in the buttocks area and gives feminine curves with firmness, tautness, elasticity and softness.

The active ingredients are: Acetyl Hexapeptide 38, DMAE, Physiotherapeutic Combination.

Benefits in the buttocks area: The three T syndrome: TAUTNESS (sensation of softness) TURGIDITY (sensation of a compact skin without being solid or flaccid) TONE (natural mobility showing a lack of flaccidity)

Filler Face: Redefine facial contours.

FillerFace has been especially formulated to redefine the face´s contours and reconcile the desired image with the current one, at the same time providing a youthfulness and femininity to our face.

Benefits in the facial area: Recuperation of the freshness of the skin, conserving the hydration of the skin for much longer periods than when using conventional treatments.
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