About DMAE

About DMAE

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As we get older, some of the changes that we most notice and that most concerns us are flaccidity and the appearance of fine lines.
Flaccidity is associated to the reduction of firmness and elasticity, influenced by gravity and the loss and deterioration of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis, due to environmental phenomena, such as the sun and pollution. These fibres provide structural stability and give our skin elasticity.
One of the active ingredients used today against facial and body flaccidity is DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol). It is an active ingredient that has a great firming effect. It is also a cell membrane stabiliser as it protects from damage caused by free radicals.
On a dermoepidermal level, DMAE has a great tightening effect, as it increases extracellular levels of acetylcholine, cholinergic neurotransmitters that increase the degree of muscle concentration, returning the tone and firmness to our skin and counteracting flaccidity and wrinkles.
The cholinergic stimulation of DMAE in our dermis also has positive effects as it increases local blood flow, which leads to cutaneous perfusion, improving nourishment and dermoepidermal defence.
Another effect attributable to DMAE is the increase in phosphatidylcholine synthesis, which helps to repair the cellular membrane, increasing resistance to oxidative stress.
It also reduces the forming and release of lipofuscin, helping to prevent the appearance of senile lentigos.
In conclusion, DMAE has a significant tightening and anti-aging effect, improving skin hydration, nourishment and defence, as well as an anti-radical and anti-pigmentation effect.
After application, short-term results can be seen. However, it also has an important cumulative effect over time, improving flaccidity, counteracting wrinkles and giving skin a firmer, smoother and more radiant appearance, while also improving skin tone and colour.
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