Aestethic Solution of Ampelopsin

Aestethic Solution of Ampelopsin

Treatment and prevention Cellulite and localised fat
At Dermclar we are continuously researching and innovating to offer the best aesthetics solutions and products, introducing Ampelopsin aesthetic solution 1%

Ampelopsin is an active ingredient that comes from the Myrica Cerifera plant by extracting and purifying its plant extract.
Ampelopsin is a natural ingredient that has three fundamental actions in adipocyte metabolism.

Adipocyte metabolism consists of:

Adipogenesis: It is the formation of the adipose tissue or fats. It is the process of cell differentiation by which preadipocytes become mature or differentiated adipocytes.

The fatty tissue is primarily made up of adipose cells that store energy in the form of triglycerides.

Lipolysis This is metabolic process by which triglycerides stored in the adipocytes are transformed into fatty acids and glycerol.
Lipogenesis: This is the formation of stored fats in the form of triglycerides. It is a biochemical reaction by which the fatty acids that are connected to glycerol to form triglycerides are synthesised.

Ampelopsin is an active ingredient that fights these 3 ways of fat build up:
  1.  It inhibits adipogenesis: Ampelopsin significantly reduces the differentiation of preadipocytes into mature adipocytes, in turn reducing the number of fat cells.
  2. It boosts lipolysis: It significantly enhances the activation of the lipolytic process, boosting the metabolism of intra-adipose triglycerides and breaking them into fatty acids and glycerol, reducing the build up of fat inside the adipocyte.
  3. It inhibits lipogenesis: It significantly reduces the synthesis of fatty acids, preventing the formation of new fatty build ups.
The application of Ampelopsin as a treatment increases skin density, making skin firmer and reducing the appearance of fatty tissue infiltration in the skin.

Therefore, Ampelopsin is a natural ingredient with triple action in adipocyte metabolism and a significant aesthetic effect that produces excellent results in preventing the treatment of anti-cellulite skin and as a body modelling treatment, improving and reducing body contours and helping the weight loss process.

In short, Ampelopsin is an excellent ally for body reshaping treatments (losing centimetres) and for making our skin firmer.

Keep an eye out for more of our developments soon.
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