Benefits of L-Carnitine

Benefits of L-Carnitine

The fat burner
Carnitine is also known as “devouring fat molecule”. Acts on the metabolism of lipids as a carrier substance for fatty acids. Works like “fat burner”. It can be associated with the caffeine, which has the power to accelerate the catabolism of fatty deposits.

Depletion of L-CARNITINE avoids for fats to be transported towards energetic centers, where they are burned. This heap of fat externally translates into the so-called “orange skin” and “cellulitis” . By contrast, the more L-CARNITINE available, the more fat burned, and therefore, body weight is lost, more energies are recovered, and cold and fatigue better endured. It can associate to CAFFEINE, by L-Carnitine potency to remove fat from cells where fat is stored.

In North America and Europe is consumed by athletes because it increases performance. Increases resistance to stress, helps burn lipids in fat cells when we eat food more in the liver are changed by lipids, these foods are carried by the blood to the adipose tissue (storage site in cells) adipocytes Free fat when our body requires energy these fats are burned in the cells and releasing energy, carnitine performs the main role communication transporting fat into these conversion centers.

L-Carnitine helps with weight management because it promotes fat burning, helping to create muscle mass, being considered the best eater fat.

In cellulite it helps fats to be transported to the cells where they are burned and therefore thins, reducing the famous orange peel.
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