Do skin problems only appear because of age?

Do skin problems only appear because of age?

Tobacco and its effect on the skin
Do skin problems only appear because of age? Well, obviously, no.

A large part of the population is unaware of the fact that many studies confirm that tobacco or pollution have a clear harmful effect on our body.

The tobacco, not only brings cardiovascular or respiratory problems, but also has strong effects on the skin. The consumption of 20 cigarettes a day is equivalent to almost 10 years of aging.

In the most aesthetic field, tobacco promotes premature wrinkles and dries out hair and skin. In addition, it provides a grayish appearance and promotes yellowish hands and teeth.

Tobacco smoke is responsible for drying the skin and preventing oxygen and other essential nutrients from reaching the skin, since they reduce the amount of blood flow. Therefore, the effects of tobacco are not only suffered by those who smoke but also by those who live daily with smokers (the so-called passive smokers).

Some of the other aesthetic effects of tobacco on the skin are the well-known smoker's wrinkle (fine wrinkles on the upper lip), the pores have a dirty appearance due to tar and other substances, the face has a thin appearance and you can clearly see the bones, hair loss and premature appearance of gray hair and involvement in healing (difficulty healing and less aesthetic appearance of the scars). These are some of the many effects that tobacco causes on the skin.
As you can see, tobacco ages prematurely and quickly. In addition, it promotes the loss of beauty of the face.

Quitting smoking is a very difficult concept to assimilate for smokers but it seems easier to reduce their consumption to the minimum possible although Dermclar encourages that if possible quit smoking altogether to avoid causing such negative effects to the body.

Another fact that also greatly affects the skin is pollution. The idea that it affects the skin is becoming more widespread. Every day we are exposed to many pollutants and this causes our skin to be damaged.

The contamination adheres to the skin clogging the pores and that causes impurities to accumulate. In addition, it increases the production of free radicals, which causes the aging process to be premature and wrinkles appear. Another effect that it has on the skin is that it dehydrates it, causing it to lose its luminosity and look dull and lifeless.

Not only does it have these effects on the skin but it also increases the possibility of having cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

To reduce the effect of contamination on the skin, it is necessary to perform daily cleansing, purification and adequate hydration. Today there are many shield-protective products to help block the activity of free radicals. And finally, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet, along with an exercise routine.
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