A Tetrapeptide with a demonstrated efficacy against puffy eyebags
As skin loses its elasticity and muscles weaken through age, loose skin can accumulate around the eyes, forming eyebags. Water accumulation is another reason for puffy eyes, also known as eyelid oedema. This accymulation is due to several vascular deseases, such as poor lymphatic circulation or increased capillary permeability. Eyeseryl fights against oedema-forming mechanisms and shows a decogesting effect, enhacing elasticity and skin smoothness.
Eyeseryl is transparent and contains 0,1% of active ingredients. It is incorporated in cosmetic formulations where a reduction of puffiness under the eyes is desired. It’s water soluble.

In vivo efficacy tests of Eyeseryl:

– Solution 10% –

Anti-eyebag activity: a group of 20 female volunteers, aged 18 and 65 applied a cream containing 10% of Eyeseryl solution under the eyes twice a day for 60 days.
Results: Puffy eyebags reduction in only 14 days

Skin elasticity: The elasticiy measureament were performed with a Cutometer. Eleasticy representsthe recovery degree of the maximum deformation of the skin reached.
Results: skin elasticity had a 30% increase after 30 days.

– Solution 1% –

Variation in puffiness: eybag volume was measured using a technic called Fringe Projection.
Results: eyebags were reduced in 70% of the volunteers after 28 days with 1% Eyeseryl solution

Anti-dark circle effect: high resolution photographs of the dark circles were taken under porised light and chromametry studies were performed.
Results: Decrease of dark circles under the eyes. Individual Typological Angle and L* values significantly increased showing a slight lightening effect.

In vitro efficacay tests of Eyeseryl:

Glycation inhibitory activity: collagene cross-linking, as a result of a glycation reaction, is one of the main causes of the formation of eyebags. The inactivation of Superoxide Dismutase vy its reaction with fructose is used as a model of glycation.
Results: Eyeseryl prevents collagen cross-linking. Inhibition of collagen glycation avoids losing elasticity and subsequent eyebags formation.

Vascular permeability inhibition: Test performed in a tissue culture plate using an assay kit, wich allows the evaluation of the effects of chemicals on endothelial cell permeability. Eyeseryl is able to inhibit vascular permeability in a dose-dependant manner.
Result: Draining and antioedema effect. Eyeseryl prevents liquid accumulation in eyebag.
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