L-Carnitina and its benefits

L-Carnitina and its benefits

Benefits of L-Carnitina
L-Carnitine or levocarnitine is a molecule that the body possesses that is related to burning fats. This molecule is used in many treatments to lose weight or to help tone muscle. In addition, some doctors confirm that it has some regenerative properties.

L-Carnitine or "fat burning"
L-Carnitine is found by default in our bodies, obtaining it in those products of animal origin that are consumed in the common diet (red meat and fish). It can also be found in some plant foods such as cereals, vegetables or legumes (although the amount is more reduced).

L-Carnitine collaborates in the introduction of lipids in the cellular mitochondria, from where the nutrients are transformed into energy. Therefore, athletes consume it, to improve athletic performance.
In the case that there was a deficit of L-Carnitine the effects would be accumulations of fat (orange peel or cellulite) and presence of adipose tissue.

Other benefits of L-Carnitine
As we indicated at the beginning, this molecule helps regeneration. Therefore, e has been able to verify that it has benefits in sports performance and that it helps in muscle recovery.
All these benefits are possible, when L-Carnitine is used as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

Solution for cellulite
The solution for cellulite by Dermclar is based on L-Carnitine. It is ideal in cases of compact cellulite and localized fat.

This solution helps increase protein synthesis, increases muscle tone and resistance to oxidative stress. In addition, in combination with sports activities (as we have indicated above) can help to reduce weight and obtain greater body energy.
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