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The use of these products is reserved for aesthetic and medical professionals.

Anti-Fatigue Solution / Melilotus Extract

Combination of two natural ingredients rich in flavonoids, which help increase lymphatic circulation and drain fluids from the blood and lymph.
Recommended for cellulite associated with fluid retention, edematous cellulite, tired legs, circulation problems of lymphatic origin, malnourished skin and during post-operative processes.

Active Ingredients

Sweet Clover and Troxerutin Extract (Escin+Sculin+Routine+Hesperidin)

Areas of Application

Thighs, hips, glutes, abdomen, legs and arms.


- Mitigates pain and discomfort generated during the treatment of edema and lymphoedema.
- Structural and functional enhancer of vascular endothelium, decreasing stiffness of the tissues and facilitating physical techniques.
- Contributes to the reduction of liquid retention in the tissue by improving the appearance of the "orange peel" skin.
- Improved skin nutrition and tissue properties.
- Protects the capillary bed, thus, making the exchange of nutrition-oxygenation and detoxification of tissues, a more efficient process.
- Excellent results in the treatment of skin that has suffered burns. It works as a decongestant and helps the reconstructive process when applied with transdermal therapy on the closed wound.
- Visibly improves keloids.

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