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DermclarHair - Integral solution for hair and scalp.

DermclarHair - Integral solution for hair and scalp.
Areas of application
Hair loss
Hair loss
Product specially designed to help strengthen the hair and prevent its fall, stimulating its growth and improving its shine. Among its ingredients, the contribution of Hyaluronic Acid in combination with D-Panthenol or vitamin B5 (natural part of the hair structure) penetrate the hair from the root creating a protective film that allows to keep hair hydrated for longer time, favoring its brightness and softness. In addition Rutin and trace elements facilitate circulation and help prevent the destruction of vitamin C because of oxidation and, at the same time, combats the loss of collagen.
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Hyaluronic Acid Oligoelements D-Panthenol Routine Organic Silicon
Help provide elasticity, shine and moisture to the hair.
Help improve the appearance of battered hair (open ends)
Help strengthen hair texture and quality and stimulate growth.
Help improve the appearance of fine hair, without strength and volume, and / or brittle.
Help reduce signs of hair aging, such as the appearance of gray hairs and hair loss.
Scalp with presence of fat or dryness.
Weak, very thin and / or brittle hair
Loss of hair in men and women due to different causes (hereditary, hormonal, environmental, seasonal, emotional, etc.)
How to use:
Simple transdermotherapy: simple topical application, topical application with massage, topical application after peeling, application with massage post peelling, etc
 Virtual Mesotherapy or instrumented Transdermotherapy: ultrasound, radiofrequency, electroporation, cavitation, etc ...
 Mechanical instrumentation: dermaroller, dermapen, etc ....
The treatment will depend on the needs of the patient and the results obtained. Our recommendation is:
Minimum number of sessions: between 5 and 12
Time between sessions: 7 - 15 days
Maintenance sessions: 1 monthly and / or according to professional criteria based on results
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